Aboriginal Art Didgeridoo - Fish & Kangaroo Design on Red (Small, 40cm)

Bunji by Giftsmate

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This souvenir didgeridoo is hand-painted in black, red, white and earthy tones and has an Aboriginal painting of a fish on one side and a kangaroo also appearing on the other side. It measures 40cm in length and is made from hardwood - it is a reproduction made and royalties are paid to an Aboriginal artist for this item. Although it's primary purpose is decorative, it can be played and does have the wax around one end.

About this Didgeridoo: This didgeridoo is imported from Indonesia and features a reproduction of an original design by Aboriginal artist Trisha Mason. Trisha receives royalties from any product sold featuring reproductions of her designs. It's made from hardwood, the hardwood used varies in thickness however the length should roughly be 40cm (15.7 Inches).

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