Animal Parade Childrens T-Shirt

The Mountain T-Shirts

SKU: 151079

Our childrens Animal Parade t-shirt has a long line of animals marching, led by a great big rhino! You can see a gorilla, panda bear, turtle, tiger, elephant and so many other beautiful animals, all on the chest of this hand dyed childrens size t-shirt.

About This Children's Size T-Shirt: This kids t-shirt by The Mountain is made from 100% cotton and is hand dyed - the colour may vary in shades due to the hand dyeing process. This detailed wildlife design was professionally printed and will not wash out, it's actually embedded in the fabric of the shirt. This t-shirt is pre-washed, pre-shrunk and was made using water-based inks and dyes - good for the environment and free of chemicals that may harm your child's body!

About The Mountain Brand T-Shirts: Specialising in hand dyed t-shirts and other apparel featuring finely detailed animal prints, Native American imagery and fantasy designs, The Mountain are world renowned when it comes to quality of both t-shirt and print. We carry the entire range of environmentally friendly t-shirts from The Mountain with some of the most beautiful designs you will ever find on adults and children's clothing.

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