Itchy & Scratchy The Simpsons Adults T-Shirt

Liquid Blue

SKU: 11086

This t-shirt features the most famous cat and mouse duo to ever hit Springfield - Itchy & Scratchy! As the song goes; They fight, They bite, They bite and fight and bite, bite bite bite, fight fight fight, The Itchy and Scratchy Show! This classic tie dye t-shirt is licensed The Simpsons memorabilia and comes from the USA.

About This T-Shirt: This t-shirt from the Liquid Blue range is made from 100% cotton - the dyes are colour-fast. The detailed design was professionally screenprinted and will not wash out - these are highest quality t-shirts, made to last!

About Liquid Blue T-Shirts: The screen-printing quality of Liquid Blue T-Shirts is industry leading! Award-winning and recognized for their detail, color range, consistency, and permanence - t-shirts from the Liquid Blue range feature both amazing special dyes and detailed artwork.

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