[Blog Post] Historic Eureka Flag Information

[Blog Post] Historic Eureka Flag Information

The Eureka Flag came about from a 1854 gold miner’s uprising in Victoria.

The Eureka Stockade was a short-lived revolt of the gold miners due to the ongoing harassment from a corrupt police force where miners were asked to show their gold digging licenses several times a day as well as the high cost of these licenses. They were also fighting for equal laws and equal rights.

After a number of protests, the miners, headed by Peter Lalor built a stockade to defy the authorities. This is when the now instantly recognisable Eureka Flag came to be and was used.

Within a few days approximately 300 men had assembled to attack the stockade and within 15 minutes the stockade was destroyed and many of the rebels killed.

The Eureka Flag has since been widely adopted by a variety of people and causes as a symbol of protest.

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