[Blog Post] Learn the Lingo – Grab Bag

Welcome to this week’s grab-bag of Aussie slang, it’s another list with no real theme, some of these are favourites of mine. Hope you enjoy them!

  • As mad as a cut snake  – very angry.
  • Bizzo – Business, as in “mind your own business”.
  • Booze Bus – police vehicle used to catch drunk drivers.
  • Coldie – beer.
  • Give it a burl – try it, have a go.
  • Heaps – a lot, e.g. “thanks heaps”, “(s)he earned heaps of money” etc.
  • Mate’s rate, mate’s discount – cheaper than usual for a “friend”.
  • Outback – interior of Australia.
  • Pozzy – position – get a good pozzy at the football stadium.
  • Ripper – great, fantastic.
  • She’ll be Apples  – everything will be alright.
  • Slab – a carton of 24 bottles or cans of beer.
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