3D Great White Shark T-Shirt (Black, Childrens Sizes)

Australian Native T-Shirts

SKU: ANTK11154
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This unique animal t-shirt features an actual 3D Great White Shark mouth on the front, the effect actually puffs out from the shirt, as seen in the second photo in the listing. It's an amazing 3D print on a black tee, available in a wide range of children's sizes from Australian Native T-Shirts.

About This Childrens T-Shirt: This kids size t-shirt by Australian Native T-Shirts is made from 100% cotton and is black in colour. We use imported garments however our products are decorated by us in Sydney, Australia.

About Australian Native T-Shirts: An Australian family business, we offer Australiana designs, native animal prints and funny t-shirts to our visitors in Australia and worldwide. Our online store has been around for over a decade, we hope you enjoy our t-shirts.

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