[Blog Post] Aboriginal Flag Information

[Blog Post] Aboriginal Flag Information

The Australian Aboriginal flag represents Indigenous Australians. It was originally designed in 1971 by Harold Thomas who is descended from the Luritja people of Central Australia and holds intellectual property rights to the flag's design. According to Mr Thomas, the black in the flag represents the Aboriginal people, the red the earth and their spiritual relationship to the land, and the golden yellow represents the sun, the giver of life. The Aboriginal flag was originally designed for the land rights movement and has since became a symbol of the Aboriginal people of Australia.

It's important to note that authentic Aboriginal flag merchandise must be licensed by Harold Thomas (with royalties paid to Mr Thomas) and we are proud to say all Aboriginal flag t-shirts, other clothing and gifts in our store are 100% authentic licensed products. Many online stores located outside of Australia are offering bootleg Aboriginal Flag products and these should be avoided by consumers.

We here at Australian Native T-Shirts have been instrumental in bringing new Aboriginal flag t-shirt designs to market, please view our entire range here.

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