[Blog Post] Learn the Lingo - Aussie Food Slang Terms

Learn some Aussie slang terms to help you speak ‘Orstralian in no time. I hope you have fun with these:

  • Avo or avos – Avocados
  • Bikkie – a biscuit or cookie
  • Chewie – chewing gum
  • Chokkie – chocolate 
  • Fairy floss – cotton candy or candy floss
  • Flake – shark meat usually bought at a fish and chip shop
  • Icy pole, ice block – Popsicle or lollypop
  • Mystery bag – often refers to a sausage
  • Sanger – a sandwich
  • Tucker – food!
  • Veges – vegetables

So, let’s try and put that lot into a few words….

I was starving so I spat my chewie out and had a bikkie but I was still hungry. I had some left over chokkie so wolfed that down followed by some fairy floss I got at the local show on the weekend. I didn’t want to have a sanger as I’d had one at lunch! Still hungry after that, so I got a piece of flake from the fish and chip shop, cooked up a mystery bag and some veges and threw some avo on top. Talk about great tucker! Then to finish off, I had an icy pole.

Haha we tried! It’s not easy “trying” to speak the lingo even as a native without totally confusing you with other words we could throw in.

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