[Blog Post] Australian Kookaburras

[Blog Post] Australian Kookaburras

Australian Native T-Shirts is based in the Northern Beaches area of Sydney, there’s a lot of bushland, lots of trees and therefore a lot of wild birds. Here’s a few pictures of kookaburras gathering in the backyard:

Kookaburras in Sydney Kookaburra in a Tree

Kookaburras have always been pretty friendly, they’ve picked up spiders and other things for food from the yard and have actually gotten quite close to us – not so close you can touch them but our Grandmother used to be able to get right near them and have them eat out of her hand which was really exciting to see. One day when Nan was feeding a kookaburra, it actually spat a funnel web spider out in front her that it had picked up to eat from the yard – you can believe she was shocked!

Kookaburras come from the Kingfisher family and are found in both Australia and New Guinea. They are extremely well known Australia wide and can be found as the subject of songs, coins and postage stamps as well as forming part of business logos and names.

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