[Blog Post] Learn the Lingo – Occupations

Welcome to another “Learn the Lingo” post, we’re looking at slang terms for occupations, hope you’ll find these amusing!

  • Ambo – ambulance driver
  • Bushranger – outlaw or highwayman (well, they were an occupation for some all those years ago ha ha)
  • Cockie – farmer (Cockie is short for Cockatoo, the bird)
  • Digger – a soldier
  • Fisho – fishmonger
  • Garbo or Garbologist – garbage collector
  • Greenie – environmentalist
  • Gyno – gynaecologist
  • Jackaroo – a male station hand – stations are massive farms with a lot of livestock over vast areas.
  • Jillaroo – a female station hand
  • Journo – journalist
  • Milko – milkman
  • Offsider – usually an assistant
  • Truckie – truck driver
  • Weekend Warrior – Someone in the Army Reserve

I’m pretty sure you can work out how these would fit into mainstream ‘talk’.

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